MIAM! animation is a Paris-based company active in the development, production and international distribution of high-quality animated and hybrid programs. Since 2019, MIAM! is also MIAM! studio, dedicated to the production of real-time CGI programs.

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Founded by Hanna Mouchez in 2016, MIAM! animation has a keen appetite for quality content that kids, adults and the entire family can share.

MIAM! is a name associated with pleasure: the pleasure of working together in a team where each member can be a source of new and vital energy.

It also evokes the pleasure of producing and distributing content we really care about and that we feel compelled to share. Using hybridization, mixed techniques and artistic originality to produce solid content is of particular interest to us.

Solid content also means useful content: our goal is to play a modest part in making our world a better place. We try to bring audacious and meaningful content for kids, families and young adults, a content that nourishes their minds and concretely shows what kind of world we could live in if we were less individualists and more connected to one each other and to the living ecosystems.

In addition, we want to question production pipelines, teams organizations, and usual business models where profit is the only criteria. We believe in technological innovation as a tool to reduce our global carbon footprint.

MIAM! has brought together talented artists, writers, directors and illustrators and we are grateful for their trust in us.

MIAM! currently has a catalogue with exclusive worldwide distribution rights and we would also like to thank the producers for their trust in us.

In a hyper-connected world, what makes a difference is the attention and interest invested in content, i.e. its creative power and originality. It's up to us to make that difference!

Hanna Mouchez

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Innovation is key to us and has allowed us to build a coherent project: be more sustainable on screen and behind the screen, taking into account each step of the production pipeline as well as the concepts of our shows and the teams behind.


Bandeau BabouBandeau Unsung WomenBandeau The DangersBandeau BrazenBandeau Fresh Out of SchoolBandeau DawalandBandeau Fail in LoveBandeau Goat GirlBandeau Edmond & LucyBandeau BlaiseBandeau Iren the SirenBandeau Little MalabarBandeau KaelooBandeau Luisa and the Feathered SnakeBandeau Immobile StarsBandeau Women UndercoverBandeau Our Summer of FreedomBandeau The TiniesBandeau Mussels and FriesBandeau Edmond & Lucy's Wonderful WinterBandeau Funny GirlsBandeau Boys Boys BoysBandeau The PrizoonersBandeau RaffiBandeau The Animal CourtBandeau Yeti Tales

At MIAM! distribution, we currently work with 21 independent production companies, all led by talented producers whom we are very proud to work with. Our line-up supports daring programs that have audacity and singularity in common, whether that be regarding their graphism or their concept and storytelling.

At MIAM!, we believe in our shows, we believe in their impact. Feminism, inclusion, diversity, sustainability, self-esteem, those are the words that could define our lineup. Thanks to our ongoing acquisition strategy and the regular revenues generated by our motivated sales team of 4 young women,  we are able to invest in smaller formats, hybrid content, teen and adult shows that are less mainstream, that are harder to sell sometimes. That’s our way to act up.

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More than 150 selections in 71 festivals (36 countries) and 18 awards!

Logo Bucheon Festival
Special Distinction Prize


Logo Best Short Competition
Award of excellence for animation

Little Malabar

Logo Best Short Competition
Award of excellence for animation


Logo Berlin Short Film Festival
Best Animated Short

Fail in Love

Logo Awareness Festival
Special Jury Prize for animation


Logo Ottawa Festival
Best animated Series

Fail in Love

Logo Atomo Festival
Atomo Network Award

Fail in Love

Best Animation for Children


(3rd place)

Women Undercover

Best Animation From a Series

Fail in Love

Logo Best Short Competition
Award of Merit


Logo Best Short Competition
Award of Merit

Fail in Love

Logo ImpactDocs Festival
Award of Merit

Women Undercover

Logo Rockie Awards
Best Animation Youth


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At MIAM! studio, we develop since 2018 an innovative and sustainable realtime CGI production pipeline. Thanks to this pipeline, we are able to deliver high quality animated TV shows while reducing their carbon footprint and controlling their costs and time production.

With Edmond and Lucy, MIAM! studio is one of the first company in the world having delivered an animated TV show of this format (52 episodes of 12’), financed and broadcast by a linear public service (France Télévisions), which has been entirely produced in realtime CGI (using Unity).

Thanks to this innovative pipeline , the image quality is improved, the forest becomes alive, like a character in itself, and most of all, the rendering phase is deleted, allowing a massive economy in terms of carbon release. Here are the figures certified by the experts of Workflowers:
- 1 episode of 12 minutes, rendered in classic CGI on a single machine, takes 230 days (HD quality) and consumes about 330kg of CO2;
- 1 episode of 12 minutes, rendered in realtime CGI on a single machine, takes 6 hours (4K quality) and consumes about 0,15kg of CO2…
This is nothing less than a revolution!

For the production of our next show, The Tinies (52 x 11’ and 52 x 3’), we are now developing and adapting our realtime CGI production pipeline to Unreal.

CArbon footprint comparison

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    our innovations & REWARDS

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    The series Edmond and Lucy (52 x 12’) was produced with a realtime pipeline based on Unity. An innovation supported by the CNC and the Ile de France Region. The series has been broadcast since September 2, 2022 on France Télévisions.

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    The series The Tinies is produced with a realtime pipeline based on Unreal 5. It will be broadcast on Canal+.

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    July 2021: MIAM ! animation was awarded by the Choc de Modernisation fund from the French institution CNC, a support dedicated to innovative and sustainable production studios in France.

    Logo CartoonForum

    September 2021: MIAM! has been awarded as Best Investor/Distributor of the Year at Cartoon Forum2021!

    Logo Media

    July 2022: MIAM ! animation received the support from the Innovative Tools & Business models fund of the European Union, a fund dedicated to innovative and eco-responsible creative industries in Europe.

    Logo France2030

    May 2023: MIAM! animation is one of the 12 animation studio that won the call for projects La grande fabrique de l'image of France 2030. As part of the national plan France 2030, the ambition of this call is to support the future leading companies in the field of films, series and video-games production.

    our commitments

    Logo 50/50

    MIAM ! is a member of the 50/50 Collective, an organization committed to thinking about and fighting for equality, parity and diversity in the film and audiovisual industry.

    Logo EcoProd

    MIAM! is a member of ECOPROD, a French association whose aim is to guide the transition of all players in the audiovisual industry towards a more sustainable production model and pipelines. Hanna Mouchez is also a member of the board of directors of ECOPROD, where she represents the animation sector.

    Logo LFA

    Hanna Mouchez participates in the mentoring program of the association Les Femmes s'Animent, an organization which seeks to promote the place of women in the creation, production and exploitation of animated content, to encourage women's access to positions of responsibility, raise awareness of gender stereotypes in animated content and help reduce inequalities.

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    HannaMouchez, as a member of the board of directors of AnimFrance, co-led the development and manufacturing of the first European carbon calculator specific to the animation sector.

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