Upper Preschool
52 x 7' + 52 x 3'
Realtime CGI (52 x 7')
Live action & stop motion (52 x 3')
Production : MIAM ! animation
Authors : Martine Camillieri, Céline Ronté, Antoine Schoumsky, Antoine Maurel, Nicolas Verpilleux
©2020 - MIAM ! animation
RAZZLEDAZZLE CITY is a real city built in the attic with Alex and Marlee’s discarded toys. Play is all around, but unfortunately not all toys are created equal...There are those that were purchased, and there are the others, found in cereal boxes or inside a chocolate egg : these are the Tinies! The other toys look down at this gang of castaways who have created their own neighborhood, TINY TOWN, and are determined to make it the coolest spot in the attic!