MIAM ! animation is a Paris-based company active in the development, production and international distribution of high-quality animated and hybrid programs. Since 2019, MIAM! is also MIAM! studio, dedicated to the production of real-time CGI programs.
our values

Founded by Hanna Mouchez in 2016, MIAM! animation has a keen appetite for quality content that kids, adults and the entire family can share.

MIAM! is a name associated with pleasure: the pleasure of working together in a team where each member can be a source of new and vital energy.

It also evokes the pleasure of producing and distributing content we really care about and that we feel compelled to share. Using hybridization, mixed techniques and artistic originality to produce solid content is of particular interest to us.

Solid content also means useful content: our goal is to play a modest part in making our world a better place. Ecology is the basis for all our projects and our production process.

We pay special attention to our audience. Regarding children, we want to offer series that nourish their emotional, intellectual and artistic development. It’s a challenge we don't take lightly!

We also address adult audiences because animation can be used to explore every language, art form and discourse. One word sums up our approach: audacity!

MIAM! has brought together talented artists, writers, directors and illustrators and we are grateful for their trust in us.

MIAM! currently has a catalogue with exclusive worldwide distribution rights and we would also like to thank the producers for their trust in us.

In a hyper-connected world, what makes a difference is the attention and interest invested in content, i.e. its creative power and originality. It's up to us to make that difference!

Hanna Mouchez


September 2021 :
MIAM! has been awarded as Best Investor/Distributor of the Year at Cartoon Forum 2021!

July 2021 :
MIAM ! receives the "Choc de Modernisation" support from the French CNC, a support dedicated to innovative and sustainable production studios in France.

September 2018 :
MIAM! is nominated as Best Investor of the Year at Cartoon Forum 2018.

our commitments

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